Inkscape SVG cleaner

This online tool remove non-standard elements from SVG files created with the Inkscape program

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Created: 2021-08-26 06:57:03, Last updated: 2021-08-26 06:57:03

When you create an SVG file in Inkscape, Inkscape adds some attributes it uses itself. If such an SVG file is used directly in HTML markup, HTML validators start complaining at it, for example, Nu Html Checker.
In particular, it reports errors about the additional namespaces (for example, "Attribute xmlns:dc not allowed here" and "Attribute with the local name xmlns:dc is not serializable as XML 1.0"), errors about non-standard attributes (for example, "Attribute inkscape:connector-curvature not allowed on element path at this point") and elements (for example, "Element name sodipodi:namedview cannot be represented as XML 1.0").

The calculator below removes the custom namespaces and custom attributes and elements from an SVG file. A detailed list of removed entities can be found under the calculator.

PLANETCALC, Inkscape SVG cleaner

Inkscape SVG cleaner

SVG file
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Cleaned SVG file

Cleaned SVG

Currently, the following entities are removed from an SVG file:

  • XML comments
  • Namespaces
    • xmlns:sodipodi
    • xmlns:dc
    • xmlns:cc
    • xmlns:rdf
    • xmlns:svg
    • xmlns:inkscape
  • Elements
    • all elements prefixed with sodipodi
    • element rdf:RDF
  • Attributes
    • all attributes prefixed with sodipodi
    • all attributes prefixed with inkscape
    • all style attributes prefixed with -inkscape
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PLANETCALC, Inkscape SVG cleaner