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Conversion between metric units of length and old Russian system of measures units of length
The calculators in this article convert units of length from old Russian system of measures units to metric units and back.
Exotic length units
Converter from exotic length units to meters
Plane angles measurement systems
Shoe size comparison
This calculator converts european shoe size to its english and US counterparts.
Pounds to kilograms conversion and vice versa
This online calculator can be used for conversion of kilograms to pounds, ounces and grains as they are used in USA or UK.
Energy units
Energy units converter (joules, kilowatt-hour, kilogram force per meter, horsepower per hour, kilocalories)
Roman numerals
Converter of Roman numbers and decimal numbers
Temperature scales
Conversion between different temperature scales
Morse Code
Morse Code translator
Old Russian money
Converts old Russian monetary units into more common rubles and kopecks. Created by user's request.
Degrees-minutes-seconds to decimal degrees conversion and vice versa.
This online calculator converts the value of an angle given in the degrees-minutes-seconds to degrees, expressed in decimal fraction and back from decimal fraction to degrees-minutes-seconds.
Digital image size in pixels and photo print size
This article is about the relation between an image size in pixels and a photographic print size. First, it recommends the photographic print size for given digital image dimensions in pixels. Second, it finds the resulting pixels per inch value for a printed digital image with known linear and pixel dimensions.
Power to the People
Power units converter.
URL-encoded string decoder
This converter decodes URL-encoded string (percent-encoded characters). It converts reserved characters as well as UTF-8 characters
Relative humidity to absolute humidity and vice versa calculators
The first calculator converts relative humidity to absolute humidity for a given temperature and barometric pressure. The second calculator does the opposite - converts absolute humidity to relative humidity for a given temperature and barometric pressure. Some theory and formulas can be found below the calculator.
Morse code. Mutator
Transforms text into Morse code and than changes dots and dashes into specified symbols
Telecommunications traffic, Erlang
The calculator gives telecom traffic in Erlang for given time span and total call duration.
Flag semaphore signals
The calculator converts english phrase to the flag semaphore signal sequence.
HTML table to JSON array
Th calculator converts the html table code to JSON array with optional data transpose and compression. It also visualizes numeric data on chart.
Petroleum product density
Petroleum product density conversion, according to GOST 3900-85
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