Adjusting picture/pixel sizes proportionally

This online calculator adjusts the second dimension of a picture/video, given the new first dimension, keeping the original proportions

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Karen Luckhurst

Created: 2020-11-11 09:02:25, Last updated: 2020-11-20 11:59:57

Sometimes you need to resize a picture or video, keeping the original proportions. In most resizing tools you need to enter only one new dimension and they do the math to calculate the other one proportionally. But some tools require you to enter both dimensions by yourself. The calculator below does the math to get the second dimension value from the first, saving the proportion. Formulas are simple and derived from the next proportion:

w0 - current width in pixels,
h0 - current height in pixels,
w1 - new width in pixels,
h1 - new height in pixels.

formula for the new width if you enter your new desired height is:
w_1=\frac{w_0 h_1}{h_0},
formula for the new height if you enter your new desired width is:
h_1=\frac{h_0 w_1}{w_0}

PLANETCALC, Adjusting picture/pixel sizes proportionally

Adjusting picture/pixel sizes proportionally

New height
New width
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PLANETCALC, Adjusting picture/pixel sizes proportionally