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Number of Days in a Year Calculator
Determine the number of days in a given year, taking into account leap years.
Ideal weight calculator using Paul Broca formula
Ideal weight calculator using Paul Broca formula
Ideal Weight Calculator
The Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator is used to calculate the ideal weight of an individual based on their height and weight.
The basal metabolic rate
This calculator computes BMR calories
Lorenc Ideal Weight Calculator
The calculator on the page is designed to estimate an individual's ideal weight based on their height. It uses the Lorenc formula, which is a widely used equation to calculate the estimated healthy weight range for a person based on their height.
Brunhard's formula ideal weight calculator
Another ideal weight formula from the Internet - Brunhard's formula. It requires the knowledge of chest circumference. According to the formula, ideal weight equals height multiplied by chest circumference and divided by 240.
Nagler's Ideal Weight Calculator
Nagler's formula is a method used to calculate an individual's ideal body weight based on their height, age, and gender.
Body proportionality
Calculates the body proportionality by several body parameters
Body Proportions Calculator
This calculator calculates the grace index of a person's figure based on their chest, waist, hip, and thigh measurements.
Total time calculator
This calculator is useful for fast time addition, you just enter time entries in hh mm ss format and the calculator gives you the sum of there time entries
Day of the week for a given date
This online calculator shows the day of the week for a given date
Proportional Body Calculator: McCallum's Formula
Discover the concept of body proportionality with McCallum's Formula.
Body fat calculator - YMCA formula
This calculator uses weight and waist measurements to calculate body fat percentage with YMCA formula.
Weathering of alcohol concentration in the blood
Calculates the time needed for weathering of alcohol in the blood to a normal level
Shoe size comparison
This calculator converts european shoe size to its english and US counterparts.
How many days are there between two dates?
This day calculator counts the number of days between two dates. It does not include the last day, so, there is 1 day between today and tomorrow, not 2.
Sunrise and sunset calculator
Sunrise/Sunset calculation for given latitude and longitude or for given city. Source: Almanac for Computers, 1990 published by Nautical Almanac Office United States Naval ObservatoryWashington, DC 20392
Azimuth and solar elevation angle
Calculation of azimuth and solar elevation angle by given the coordinates and time of observation. It's possible to input coordinates manually or by selecting from the directory of cities.
Date plus days
This online calculator adds or subtracts a given number of days to or from a given date.
Puppy Weight Calculator for Medium, Large and Very Large Breeds
The calculator takes the age of a puppy in months and its breed, either medium, large, or very large, and calculates the recommended weight in kilograms and as a percentage of the adult dog's weight.
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