Total time calculator

This calculator is useful for fast time addition, you just enter time entries in hh mm ss format and the calculator gives you the sum of there time entries

The calculator uses the following format:

  • three numbers separated by spaces are interpreted as hh mm ss, f.e. 1 0 24 - means 1 hour 0 minutes 24 seconds
  • two numbers separated by spaces are interpreted as mm ss, f.e. 12 24 - means 12 minutes 24 seconds
  • one number is interpreted as ss, f.e. 5 means 5 seconds

Using this format, you can quickly get the sum of your time entries. But it also displays the reminder after dividing the total sum by 24 hours, that is, for 51 hours the reminder will be 3 (51 - 24*2).

PLANETCALC, Total time

Total time

Total time
Reminder of 24 hours

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PLANETCALC, Total time calculator