CSV to JSON Mapping Tool

The calculator converts CSV table to JSON array of objects using a given map of CSV columns to object property names, and allows the user to paste CSV contents, tweak field separators, and replace empty strings with nulls in the JSON.

The CSV to JSON converter calculator takes a CSV table as an input and converts it into a JSON array of objects using a mapping of the CSV columns to object property names. Users can specify the mapping of the CSV columns to object properties using the same separator as in the CSV file, with the option to skip any columns by omitting their corresponding property name.

The calculator also allows users to adjust the field separator if needed, with the default separator being a semicolon. Additionally, users can choose whether or not to replace empty strings with null values in the resulting JSON. This calculator can be particularly useful for developers or data analysts who need to convert CSV data into a JSON format that can be used in their applications or data analysis workflows.

As a result, you will get a JSON which can be copied to wherever you need.
If, by some chance, you have an error line - which is when the number of fields does not match the number of properties, line number and line text will be reported, so you can find and fix it.

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CSV to JSON array

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