List Join

This online calculator can join two csv lists by key column the same way JOIN works in SQL (inner join, left outer join, right outer join)

I think most of those who ever wrote on SQL know about table joins using the JOIN operator. But what if you have a couple of CSV (comma separated values) lists with key columns containing the same values for both lists and want to get joined list?

For example, like this:
First list:

Second list:

The resulting list, joined by values of zero column in the first list and zero column in the second list:

Of course, you can create tables in the database of your choice, import data to the tables, and write your JOIN, or you could write a program on the language of your choice, which will do the same. However, you can also save time and use the calculator below.

Here is how it works:

  • Fill the first list with text from your CSV file
  • Set parsing regular expression (note that default regular expression works on a row with two columns separated by comma)
  • Set index of key column (this column will be used for join)
  • Repeat the same for the second list (note that default regular expression for the second list works on a row with two columns separated by space)
  • Set join type: inner join, left outer join, or right outer join
  • Set column separator for the resulting list
  • Set NULL substitution value, of course, for outer joins.
  • Click "Calculate"
  • You will get the joined list with the key value in the zero column

PLANETCALC, Lists joiner

Lists joiner

Joined list

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