Text Formatter

The calculator is designed to reformat lines of text according to user specifications.

The user inputs lines of text, a regular expression with capturing groups, and a format string that can include placeholders for the captured values. The lines of text are processed using the regular expression, and the resulting formatted line is produced by using the format string and replacing the placeholders with the captured values.

This calculator could be useful in various use cases, such as:

  • Parsing log files to extract specific information and reformatting the data into a more readable format.
  • Converting CSV or tab-separated data into a formatted table for better presentation and analysis.
  • Extracting and reformatting information from HTML or XML pages to extract and present specific data.

By using capturing groups and format string, users can extract and manipulate information from text and reformat it into the desired format.

The default regular expression modifiers are "g" - the global search and "m" - the multiline mode, so you can use "^" and "$" in your regexp.

"Escape tags" option allows you to see XML-like tags in the output, so you can generate XML or HTML lines. The default values illustrate the concept. The entered list is transformed to the list of values enclosed by <i> tags.

PLANETCALC, List formatter

List formatter


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PLANETCALC, Text Formatter