Watercolor Filter

This online calculator applies a watercolor effect to an uploaded image by sequentially applying a median filter and a box filter sharpening.

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Created: 2021-06-14 08:38:47, Last updated: 2023-02-18 12:41:58

The median filter is a non-linear image filter that replaces each pixel in the image with the median value of its neighboring pixels. This helps to remove noise and small details from the image while preserving the larger structures.

The box filter sharpening is a linear image filter that enhances the edges in the image by subtracting the smoothed version of the image from the original image. This helps to create the characteristic watercolor effect, where the image appears to have been painted with broad strokes of color.

The user can choose the size of the kernel used in the median filter, which determines the size of the neighborhood around each pixel that is used to calculate the median value. A larger kernel size will result in a more blurred image, while a smaller kernel size will preserve more of the original detail.

Overall, the Watercolor Filter calculator can be a fun and artistic tool to transform digital photos into unique and creative works of art.

Here are the separate links to the median filter and the box filter sharpening used by this calculator.

PLANETCALC, Watercolor effect

Watercolor effect

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PLANETCALC, Watercolor Filter