Image Flip & Rotate

This calculator allows you to perform simple image manipulation tasks online.

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Created: 2021-05-17 04:22:46, Last updated: 2023-02-11 21:42:08

The user can upload an image file and perform a series of transformations on the image. The user can choose up to three actions, including flipping the image horizontally, flipping the image vertically, rotating the image 90° to the right, rotating the image 90° to the left, and rotating the image 180°. The resulting image can be saved as a PNG file (right-click the resulting image and choose Save).

The calculator by default uses a drawn picture that resembles the famous "Lenna" photo, which is commonly used as a standard test image in the field of image processing. This image can be used as a starting point for users to try out the image manipulation actions.

PLANETCALC, Image manipulation

Image manipulation

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PLANETCALC, Image Flip & Rotate