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Ancient Egyptian Calendar

The calculator converts an Ancient Egyptian date to Gregorian date and vice versa.

The ancient Egyptian calendar is a 365 days solar calendar. The calendar year consists of 3 seasons, each season has 4 month, each month has 3 decades (weeks) of 10 days each. Every year ends with additional 5 days (epagomenal days) which gives 365 days in total. There were no leap years to make the calendar in sync with the tropical year, so the calendar loses one solar day about every four years. There was no single date in past from which ancient Egyptians started to keep years, instead the years count restarted each time a new pharaoh began his reign. So to align the Egyptian calendar with contemporary calendar we must know the accession year of the pharaohs. The calculators below use Ptolemy canon of kings, which contains pharaoh regnal periods starting from Babylonian king Nabonassar (747 BCE) up to Roman Aelius Antoninus (161 CE)1. Assuming the new year day of Nabonassar first reign year as Feb 26th 747 BCE (Julian)2 we can calculate Gregorian dates corresponding to ancient Egyptian ones.
This calculator converts an ancient Egyptian date to a Gregorian date.

PLANETCALC, Ancient Egyptian date to Gregorian date

Ancient Egyptian date to Gregorian date


The calculators below converts a Gregorian date to an Ancient Egyptian date.

PLANETCALC, Gregorian date to Ancient Egyptian date

Gregorian date to Ancient Egyptian date

Month in season
Month name

The calculators use algorithms from Calendrical Calculations book by Dershowitz, and Reingold3.

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