Apartment sale tax in Russia

Apartment sale tax in Russian federation according to 2017 legislation changes

The owner, selling the apartment pays taxes on the income from its sale.

The following calculator can help you determine the exact amount of income tax on the sale of your apartment:

PLANETCALC, Personal taxes for real estate sale in Russia

Personal taxes for real estate sale in Russia

Amount (in rubles) for which you are selling an apartment (documented)
Years number of property ownership
Year of purchasing the real estate
Documented expenses for the purchase or repair of apartment being sold
What part of the apartment is in your property (as a percentage).
If the expenses are common, then their amount in tax accounting is reduced in proportion to the share of ownership.
Cadastral value on January 1st of the sell year.
How the real estate was purchased
The tax resident is a person, who lived in Russian Federation at least 183 days during fiscal year.
Tax base
Tax amount

The amount of taxes can be reduced to 0 if the seller owned the property more than 5 years ( or 3 years in particular cases ). If the property tenure is less than this period the seller can deduce taxable amount by 1000000 rubles. Or as an alternative taxpayer is entitled to reduce the amount of the taxable income by the amount she actually spent for the property obtaining.
The tax rate is 13% for tax resident and 30% for non-resident. You become tax resident after 183 days living in Russia during the year.

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PLANETCALC, Apartment sale tax in Russia