Nagler's Ideal Weight Calculator

Nagler's formula is a method used to calculate an individual's ideal body weight based on their height, age, and gender.

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It was developed by Dr. Jakob Nagler. The Nagler's formula calculator takes into account an individual's height in centimeters, age in years, and gender (male or female) to calculate their ideal body weight. The formula is as follows:

For males: ideal body weight = 50 kg + 0.91 kg per cm over 152 cm + 0.25 kg per year over 18 years
For females: ideal body weight = 45.5 kg + 0.91 kg per cm over 152 cm + 0.25 kg per year over 18 years

Unfortunately, I could not find the source of the formula to verify it. If someone knows about the origins of this formula, let me know in the comments.

The Nagler's formula calculator provides an estimate of an individual's ideal body weight, which is the weight that is considered healthy for their height and age. This calculator can be helpful for individuals who are looking to maintain a healthy weight or for healthcare professionals who are monitoring a patient's weight. It is important to note that this formula provides an estimate and should not be used as the sole determinant of an individual's healthy weight. Other factors, such as body composition and overall health, should also be taken into consideration.

PLANETCALC, Nagler's ideal weight calculator

Nagler's ideal weight calculator

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PLANETCALC, Nagler's Ideal Weight Calculator