1D Bar Nesting Calculator

If we have one bar of 12m in stock and one bar of 9m, we need to know how many smaller bars of different lengths can be cut from these two stock bars.
Nest it in the best Possible manner to avoid wastages in the bar. It is one dimensional bar nesting, where the sequence of parts(as per below example) are not to be followed but combine them in best possible manner.

Profile Name1 - Length1 - Quantity
Profile Name1 - Length2 - Quantity
Profile Name2 - Length1 - Quantity

Profile Name1 - Length1 - Quantity1
Profile Name1 - Length1 - Quantity2
Profile Name1 - Length2 - Quantity1
Profile Name1 - Length2 - Quantity2
Profile Name2 - Length1 - Quantity1
Profile Name2 - Length2 - Quantity1

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