Roman Arithmetic Calculator

Roman Arithmetic Calculator allows users to perform arithmetic operations on Roman numerals. It can be particularly useful for historians, classicists, or anyone interested in ancient history or mathematics.

The calculator can handle basic arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division on Roman numerals, and it can also convert the result into decimal numbers. It is able to parse and evaluate math problems represented in Roman numerals, making it a convenient tool for those who need to work with these types of numbers. Roman numerals are still used in modern times, such as in the copyright dates on movies and TV shows. They are also used for numbering book chapters and sections.

The result of addition, subtraction and multiplication of integers can only be an integer. But the result of division can be a fractional number. According to wikipedia, the Romans had a notation for fractions. The common notation was used for writing fractions from 1⁄12 to 11⁄12, as shown in the table below.

1⁄12 2⁄12 3⁄12 4⁄12 5⁄12 6⁄12 7⁄12 8⁄12 9⁄12 10⁄12 11⁄12
· ·· ··· ···· ····· S S·· S··· S···· S·····

Therefore, in case of a fractional result, the calculator rounds it to the nearest fraction from the set of 1⁄12,...,11⁄12 and displays the result as an integer Roman number with the addition of the fraction symbol from the table above. It also displays the corresponding rounded decimal number. The exact result is also given and the rounding error is displayed - the difference between the exact and the rounded value. The maximum error in this case will be half the 1⁄12 interval, or 1⁄2₄, which is 0.0416(6) in decimal form. The Romans also had symbols for smaller fractions - powers and factors of 12, but I could not find any details on how to write fractional numbers with greater accuracy.

PLANETCALC, Roman numerals math

Roman numerals math

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