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Conversion of pounds into inches
Conversion of old pounds artillery caliber into more modern inches and millimeters
Days between dates. The historical version.
Calculates number of days between two dates taking in account the date of transition to Gregorian calendar.
Days count in several date spans
The calculator gives total number of days in date span list. Each date span is defined by start date and end date. The calculator can exclude multiple date date span intersections.
Roman calendar
The calculators convert dates between Ancient Roman Calendar and Gregorian calendars
Gregorian date to Hindu mean lunisolar calendar
The calculator shows the Hindu mean lunisolar calendar date for an input Gregorian date
Indian calendars
The calculators for Hindu date conversions
Sexagesimal number converters. The calculator converts sexagesimal number to rational or decimal and vice versa.
Aztec Numerals: Decimal to Aztec Number Converter
Translate decimal numbers into Aztec numbers using this calculator. The Aztec numeral system is based on 20 and uses specific symbols for each power of 20.
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