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Speed Converter
This is a simple conversion calculator for converting between meters per second and kilometers per hour.
Nautical Units Converter
This calculator converts various nautical measurement units. It includes conversions for speed and distance units. For speed, it can convert knots to miles per hour, kilometers per hour, feet per second or meters per second. For distance, it can convert nautical miles to miles, kilometers, cables, leagues, meters or feet.
The Speed of Sound Calculator for Ideal Gases
The Speed of Sound Calculator for Ideal Gases is an online tool designed to calculate the speed of sound in an ideal gas based on the provided parameters.
Sound Doppler Shift Calculator
he Doppler Effect calculator for sound waves calculates the observed frequency and wavelength of a sound wave given the source frequency, speed of source, and speed of sound in the air.
The waves and the wind. Calculation of wave characteristics
Calculation of wave characteristics
The waves and the wind. Wave height statistical forecasting
Predicting the height of the waves depending on the wind strength
Wind Energy and Wind Power Calculator
Calculate the kinetic energy of wind and wind power based on given parameters.
Air Flow Calibration
This calculator is used to set the air flow rate through a grain bin equipped with an aeration fan. It assumes that the air flow can be controlled with baffles, spill gates or variable fan speed. It requires an air flow meter or anemometer. This calculator determines the air speed needed at the top collar of bin in order to achieve the desired air flow rate (CFM/bu Cubic Feet per Minute per bushel).
Space object velocity
It calculates the circular orbital velocity, escape velocity and planetary system escape velocity for the given planet parameters.
Kinetic energy in classical and relativistic mechanics
Kinetic energy of a point object in classical Newtonian mechanics and in relativistic mechanics.
Centripetal Force Solver
The Centripetal Force Calculator is a tool for students, designed to help calculate the unknown parameters in the centripetal force formula.
Сonstant acceleration
This online calculator solves problems with constant acceleration. It finds unknown parameter, either initial velocity, final velocity, time or acceleration, from known parameters.
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