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Convert moles to liters and liters to moles
This online calculator converts moles to liters of gas and liters of gas to moles at STP (standard temperature and pressure).
Molar volume
This calculator calculates the molar volume of an ideal gas at different conditions (temperature and pressure)
Molarity calculator
This online calculator can calculate the molar concentration of a solute in a solution, or mass of a solute in a solution with a specific molar concentration.
Acid-base titration curves
This online calculator builds theoretical titration curves for monoprotic acids and bases
Concentration of analyte with uncertainty analysis for replicate titrations
This online calculator calculates the molarity of a solution from replicate titrations data. It also performs uncertainty analysis and displays result with the uncertainty.
Dilution calculator and problems solver
This online calculator can calculate the molar concentration (molarity) of a solute or volume of a solution before or after the dilution.
Dilution of solutions
This online calculator allows you to find one of four parameters: volume before dilution, molar concentration before dilution, volume after dilution, molar concentration after dilution - based on the other three. It is intended for solving problems on dilution of solutions.
Molarity to molality and vice versa
This online calculator converts the molar concentration of a solution to molar concentration and vice versa if the density of the solution is known.
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