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Altitude of a triangle
This online calculator computes the altitude length of a triangle, given the lengths of sides of a triangle.
Volume of geometric shapes
Calculates volume of geometric shapes: cube, prism, pyramid, frustum, cone, cylinder, sphere, ellipsoid.
Trigonometric functions
This online calculator computes the values of elementary trigonometric functions, such as sin, cos, tg, ctg, sec, cosec for an angle, which can be set in degrees, radians, or grads.
Circular segment
Here you can find the set of calculators related to circular segment: segment area calculator, arc length calculator, chord length calculator, height and perimeter of circular segment by radius and angle calculator.
Volume of the hemisphere cut at an angle
Volume of hemisphere asymmetrically cut by a flat plane under a given angle.
3d coordinate systems
Transforms 3d coordinate from / to Cartesian, Cylindrical and Spherical coordinate systems.
Find the intersection of two circles
This online calculator finds the intersection points of two circles given the center point and radius of each circle. It also plots them on the graph.
Equation of a circle passing through 3 given points
This online calculator finds a circle passing through three given points. It outputs the center and radius of a circle, circle equations and draws a circle on a graph. The method used to find a circle center and radius is described below the calculator.
Find the distance and midpoint between two points
This online calculator finds the distance and midpoint between two points in cartesian coordinates.
Triangle Area Calculator
This calculator is designed to find the area of a triangle using different formulas, depending on the available information about the triangle.
Equilateral triangle
This online calculator calculates characteristics of the equilateral triangle: the length of the sides, the area, the perimeter, the radius of the circumscribed circle, the radius of the inscribed circle, the altitude (height) from single known value
Equation of a plane passing through three points
This online calculator calculates the general form of the equation of a plane passing through three points
3D Vector Dot Product Calculator
This online calculator calculates the dot product of two 3D vectors
Cross Product Calculator
The Cross Product Calculator computes the cross product of two vectors in three-dimensional space and provides a visual representation of the result in a Cartesian coordinate system.
Isometric projection of a vector
This online calculator draws isometric projection of a vector, giving its coordinates in 3D space.
Rectangular Area Calculator
The Rectangular Area Calculator computes the area of a rectangle based on two inputs: one side length and the length of the diagonal.
Rectangle intersection
This online calculator displays result of intersection of two rectangles
Equations of the line of intersection of two planes
This online calculator finds the equations of a straight line given by the intersection of two planes in space. The calculator displays the canonical and parametric equations of the line, as well as the coordinates of the point belonging to the line and the direction vector of the line.
Cutting a circle
Two ways to cut a circle into equal parts : sector cuts and parallel cuts.
General to Standard Form Circle Converter
The calculator takes the equation of a circle in general form, with variables for x, y, and constants a, b, c, d and e, and converts it to the standard form equation for a circle with variables h, k, and r. It then calculates the center of the circle (h, k) and its radius r. If the equation cannot be converted to standard form, the calculator reports an error message.
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