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Analytical performance indicators
Calculation of derived analytical indicators of time series
Seasonal fluctuations. Seasonal indices. Method of simple averages
The study of periodic (seasonal) fluctuations. Calculation of average seasonal indices by the method of simple averages.
Histogram group number
Sturges formula and other methods of determining the number of groups in histogram generation
Binomial distribution, probability density function, cumulative distribution function, mean and variance
This calculator calculates probability density function, cumulative distribution function, mean and variance of a binomial distribution for given n and p
Pearson correlation coefficient
The calculation of the correlation coefficient of two random variables
Simple Moving Average
Simple Moving Average calculation based on candles
Weighted moving average
Weighted moving average calculation by candles
Exponential smoothing
Exponential smoothing theory
Double exponential smoothing
Description and example of the double exponential smoothing
Triple exponential smoothing
Description and examples of triple exponential smoothing
Exponential Moving Average
Exponential Moving Average calculation by candles
Chande momentum oscillator indicator
Description of Chande momentum oscillator indicator, drawing a graph on candles
Indicators of variations
Calculation of variation - the coefficient of variation, dispersion, mean square deviation, etc.
Histogram generation according to input data. The number of groups is determined by the Sturgess formula, other formulas or set manually
Spearman's correlation coefficient
Calculates Spearman's rank correlation coefficient
Normal distribution
Plots the CDF and PDF graphs for normal distribution with given mean and variance.
Student t-distribution
Calculates cumulative distribution function value and probability density function value for Student t-distribution. Quantile calculator evaluates Student quantiles for given probability and specified number of degrees of freedom.
Direct measurement error analysis
Calculates error of direct measurements for given measured value series and confidence interval.
Probability of given number success events in several Bernoulli trials
Gives the probability of k success outcomes in n Bernoulli trials with given success event probability.
Cuba World Development Indicators 2016 - in memory of Fidel Castro
This calculator provides access to 752 world development indicators for Cuba imported from World Bank data at 2016. In memory of Fidel Castro.
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