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Pounds to kilograms conversion and vice versa
This online calculator can be used for conversion of kilograms to pounds, ounces and grains as they are used in USA or UK.
Weight-to-Volume Calculator
This calculator takes the weight of the substance in kilograms and allows you to choose the substance from a handbook of densities. It then calculates the volume of the substance and displays it in liters and cubic meters. Additionally, it shows the radius of the sphere in meters and the side of the cube in meters that the substance would form if it were compressed into those shapes.
Surface tension. Weight and volume of the drop of liquid
This online calculator calculates the weight and the volume of the drop given the surface tension, diameter of the capillary tube, and density of the liquid
Glue Solution Calculator
The Glue Solution Calculator is a handy tool that helps you calculate the exact amount of dry glue and water needed to make the glue solution of the desired strength.
Normal force
This online calculator calculates the normal force's strength from the object's mass, the gravitational field strength, and the inclined surface's angle measured from the horizontal.
Relations between Mass, Length, Width, and Area Density of Fabric
The Relations between Mass, Length, Width, and Area Density Calculator allows you to calculate various properties of fabric based on the given parameters. The available calculations include determining the mass, length, width, or area density of the fabric.
Kinetic energy in classical and relativistic mechanics
Kinetic energy of a point object in classical Newtonian mechanics and in relativistic mechanics.
Centripetal Force Solver
The Centripetal Force Calculator is a tool for students, designed to help calculate the unknown parameters in the centripetal force formula.
Percentage of metals in the alloy
This online calculator uses the characteristics of the alloy of two metals - mass and volume - to calculate the percentage of metals in the alloy based on their densities.
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