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Kinematics. Average Speed Problem Example
Here is the nice example of the average speed problem
Vertical Collision Kinematics Calculator
Calculate the time and height at which two bodies, thrown vertically upward one after the other with the same speed, will collide.
Kinematic Equations for Constant Acceleration Calculator
This kinematics calculator will help you to solve constant acceleration problems using kinematic equations
Projectile Motion Calculator
Calculation of Unknown Parameters of Projectile Motion
Freefall distance problems solver
This calculator solves problems on passed distance during freefall
p-t Graph Analysis
This online calculator analyses position vs time table, which is often used to describe 1-D kinematics motion.
Сonstant acceleration
This online calculator solves problems with constant acceleration. It finds unknown parameter, either initial velocity, final velocity, time or acceleration, from known parameters.
Torricelli's formula (kinematics)
This online calculator uses Torricelli's kinematic formula, which establishes a relationship between the final velocity of a body moving straight ahead with constant acceleration, its initial velocity, the amount of acceleration, and the distance traveled to find the unknown from the three known values.
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