Digital images parameters comparison

The calculator allows you to compare the parameters of different photographs saved in EXIF image data.

This calculator is for those who are engaged in digital photography. It helps you compare the set of shooting parameters of your digital photos. The EXIF data, stored in jpeg, contains several camera parameters such as shutter speed, aperture, flash bias, camera/lenses make/model. We have already published the calculator to display all data stored in EXIF. This calculator differs from the previous one in that it allows you to upload several images at once and displays only those parameters that vary.

PLANETCALC, Photo parameters comparison

Photo parameters comparison

Jpeg images
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For comparison, the calculator does not select all the EXIF tags found in jpeg files but only the main ones listed in the handbook. The handbook table data contains a subset of the EXIF parameters conformed to EXIF standard version 2.321. New values can be added to the table if necessary.

Demo images courtesy of a macro photographer lazyold.

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PLANETCALC, Digital images parameters comparison