Time percentage

The calculator converts time to percent and vice versa.

In this calculator, a time interval can be displayed as a percentage of another time interval. Both time intervals can be entered in days and time. By default, the calculator shows the percentage time elapsed in the current day.

PLANETCALC, Time to percentage

Time to percentage


The reverse interpretation of the fraction as time can also be convenient. Suppose you need to imagine the relation of some time period to a whole time scale (e.g., 200 years of the industrial age to 6000 years of the entire duration of human civilization).

PLANETCALC, Percent to Time

Percent to Time


In fact, this calculator was inspired by the Time period as minutes to midnight work. I spent some time understanding its concept, and when I figured it out, I decided to implement a simple analog of it.

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PLANETCALC, Time percentage