Quick Sum Calculator

This online calculator sums up entered integer numbers. Any symbol what is not a digit, for example, a space, a comma, a semicolon, etc, serves as a separator. It is useful when you need to sum up several numbers but do not have speadsheet program at hand.

At some website I came across a set of numbers, and wanted to sum them up. So, I've created this calculator - you just drop integer numbers in there, then press Calculate button and get the resulting sum. I think it is a bit more useful that standard windows calculator since you can easily tweak numbers in the list and recalculate the sum. Also, you do not need to open spreadsheet program and enter numbers (you don't even need to have spreadsheet program). And, finally, it accepts any non-digit (well, except minus and plus signs) as numbers separator.

PLANETCALC, Quick Sum Calculator

Quick Sum Calculator


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