Evaluating expressions

This online calculator substitutes a specific value for each variable, and performs the operations, evaluating the given expression.

In an algebraic expression, letters, representing variables, can stand for numbers. When we substitute a specific value for each variable and then perform the operations, we evaluate the expression.

So, this calculator evaluates the expressions for you. It replaces each letter in the expression with the assigned value then performs the operations in the correct order. Be careful with variable names and their use in expression; if you make a mistake, you will likely get incorrect results.

PLANETCALC, Evaluating expressions

Evaluating expressions


Variable nameVariable value
Items per page:

Digits after the decimal point: 2
Expression after substitutions

After substitutions expression is evaluated using Mathematical calculator.
Thus, like in math calculator, you may use


Operation signs:

+ - addition
- - subtraction
* - multiplication
/ - division
^ - power


sqrt - square root
rootn - nth root, e.g. root3(x) - cube root
exp - exponential function
lb - binary logarithm ( base 2 )
lg - decimal logarithm ( base 10 )
ln - natural logarithm ( base e)
logb - logarithm to the base b, e.g. log7(x) - logarithm to the base 7
sin - sine
cos - cosine
tan - tangent
cot - cotangent
sec - secant
cosec - cosecant
arcsin - arcsine
arccos - arccosine
arctan - arctangent
arccotan - arccotangent
arcsec - arcsecant
arccosec - arccosecant
versin - versine
vercos - coversine
haversin - haversine
exsec - exsecant
excsc - excosecant
sh - hyperbolic sine
ch - hyperbolic cosine
tanh - hyperbolic tangent
coth - hyperbolic cotangent
sech - hyperbolic secant
csch - hyperbolic cosecant

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PLANETCALC, Evaluating expressions